If you work or come into contact with young people in a school setting, whether in an employed or voluntary capacity, then you have a duty of care towards them.


However, schools are also well placed to raise awareness among young people themselves about RECOGNISING THE SIGNS OF CSE and helping them keep themselves safe. Talk to them about healthy relationships and what they can do to help protect themselves, if they are in a difficult situation.

The West Midlands Metropolitan Borough Regional Framework offers information about CSE and how to respond. However if you do suspect a child is at risk of or being sexually exploited or a child is exploiting or at risk of exploiting another then please contact your designated safeguarding lead and your local Children’s Services team, referring to local threshold guidance and procedures available from the Local Safeguarding Children Board (LSCB) website.


Our own SEE ME, HEAR ME FILM - can also be used to start a discussion with young people about the decisions they make.

Barnardo’s ‘REAL LOVE ROCKS’ has resources focusing on helping children and young people to think and chat about relationships, what they are, and how to keep happy and safe in them, whether that’s now or in the future. 

One is aimed at primary school children in year 6 and there is another for young people in years 7-9 at secondary school.

Barnardo’s has also produced an award-winning interactive app, WUD U? 

This can be used as an educational tool for teachers and care professionals as it aims to educate young people about behaviours which could increase their risk of being exploited, through interactive stories. It can be used in groups to help engage young people in discussions on sensitive issues.

CEOPS (Child Exploitation Online Protection Centre) THINKUKNOW tool kit is a downloadable set of lesson plans for teachers to use with young people aged 11+